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Connie Kerbs, Author

Author Connie Kerbs has been encouraged to write by her inner muse since early childhood. Her stories and poems have now been published in several books and magazines, and she is the creator of the Pebbled Lane Books series, (her inspirational work), Little Brook Books, (her children's works), and Bachelor Buttons (her Poetry) (all imprints of F.I.N.E. Reads Press), with a variety of thematic series and titles she hopes will contribute quality inspiration and entertainment to the literary landscape.

She lives with her husband in a cozy house in the woodsy mountains of the rural, Inland Northwest, where they enjoy their dogs, cats, at least a dozen chickens – and the several still at home of their extraordinary family (in size, composition, and volume). Being blessed with three biological children, along with a 25-year stint as foster parents, which led to several adoptions she says "...has honed and humbled as much as it has bathed us in bliss.”

When not mothering her large family, enjoying her  high school-sweetheart-husband of 35 years, or getting her nature fix, she is likely collecting eggs, or writing about all the above.


Her joyful escape is working with select non-profits she is passionate about. She has served on multiple boards for years, (President Past of a few), and has worked tirelessly in advocacy for important children and family issues at the local, state and national levels.

 “Life is short. Don’t sweat the small stuff – and just be grateful – for everything. Remember, ‘this too shall pass,’ and joy is a choice,” says the mother of 16.


“Also remember joyful is what God ultimately designed you to be. This is why he created such an incredible, beautiful world for us - to breathe in, love each other in, and enjoy it!  Everything else is just temporary.”

For Connie Kerbs, The Fostering Mom, aka The Writey Writer who loves to write about "More Muchness," it's all about doing what she calls "living the gratitude."  She asserts, "This is an essential thing, to joy, to purposeful living, to a meaningful walk of faith, to success,"  says the mother of so many, herself a former foster child.

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