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The narratives and verse to be found in the Pebbled Lane Books series is charming, even mesmerizing, like the pocketed pebbles we've each hunted for on a beach, or in a driveway, especially when our world was much smaller, and our little legs were much shorter.  

All grown-up pebble lovers will appreciate the nuggets of inspiring, occasionally poignant, and sometimes hilarious yarns of this thing called "life" which is what Pebbled Lane Books are all about. After all, real life is often better than fiction when told well.  These elements, or pebbles, if you will, are clustered, into themes,  (or lanes) which are the individual titles. Thus, the name of the series.

 Like a garden path ofcountlesspebbles, so is this collection made of many contributors and ideas.  Most of all, the work resonates with the richness that is all of our essential life experiences.  The profoundly simple.  The profoundly unique.  The profoundly ordinary.  The profoundly touching.  Even the profoundly silly.

Also, to be sure, the contributors and readership of Pebbled Lane Books can be fully confident that the content of the series will be of high quality, uplifting,  
and enjoyable.

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